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Portait I just defended my PhD at Texas A&M University, under the direction of Dr. James Hubbard and Dr. Mark Balas at the Morpheus lab. I’m very interested in improving how humans and machines work together, especially in safety critical environments by leveraging the principles of optimal control. Currently, we are exploring a quantum-like framework for human state estimation as a method to mitigate the autonomy conundrum. You can read more about this approach on this site here and here. Over the years, I've been called "credible and interesting" and have been accused of "an unnecessary deployment of mathematical tools" by some of my favorite reviewers.

My guitars, dairy based sweets, and all things motorsport keep me busy away from the lab, and I regularly support local programs focused on children’s education. The ultimate dream is to leave the research community after a long career with positive impact, and open my very theoretical bakery, Yeast Common Denominator. For now, I run this site as a way to improve my communication skills.


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